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Creative Care Studios

Since we opened in 2008 our Multimedia department has flourished and grown, Combining Care and Creativity we provide and support businesses with all their media needs.

Our Story

Our creative media and care fusion was started way back in 2008 by the Percy Hedley Foundation, who are a charitable organisation based in the north east of england. 

We opened under the name Karten Media Suite also known as KMS, working alongside Karten Network the project was launched to help disabled adults to gain knowledge and expertise in the world of media. 

Over the years we have evolved into a thriving department with the service users gaining skill in multimedia services such as web design, film making, photography, animation, live events and much more.

 We have now extended to providing services within the community giving our service users a chance to show off their amazing skills.



Our Mission

Our mission is to treat all people without discrimination. We are passionate to help people to strive to meet their maximum potential regardless of disability. We do not compromise on standards with the work we produce. All people are equal.

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Creative Care Studios, Hedleys Horizons
Hampeth Lodge, Station Road,
Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE12 8YY

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